Consulting and Advisory Services

Consulting & Advisory Services
Costa Pacific Communities, award-winning master planned community builder and transit-oriented developer, provides Real Estate Development Consulting services for Private Equity firms, Public and Private Home Builders, Pension Funds, institutional investment managers, municipalities, and other well-capitalized entities. Ideal properties are: (1) those inside an Urban Growth Boundary and (2) redevelopment opportunities that are now in position to achieve greater returns than they may have in the past.

Complete Communities/Master Planned Communities
Complete communities require careful zoning, a broad mix of uses, architectural controls, specific development patterns, and homeowner associations. They are wonderful places for residents to live, work, learn, shop, and play.

Our experience with Complete Communities and master-planned communities includes management of approved large-scale P.U.D.’s, master development agreements with local communities, business plans calling for a unique business relationship between the master developer and residential builders, the acquisition of entitled master-planned community properties, and all manner of due diligence, feasibility, and design support work for client planned communities. The overall project is as difficult to implement as any other complicated business, given the number of "critical success factors" that must be managed and executed effectively.

Transit Oriented Development
A successful Transit Oriented Development (TOD) requires pedestrian-friendly planning, a diverse demographic spectrum, durable materials and architecture, and a broad and flexible mix of uses. No longer a niche, TOD is an industry and investment class all to itself. Data collected over the last several years indicate that not only are TOD’s exceptional places to live, work, and play, but they also offer extraordinary long-term returns to investors. In some cases the premium on returns in TOD’s exceeds 20 percent over similar product types in the same sub-market not located near transit stations.

However, their mixed-use nature makes TOD’s difficult for capital markets to underwrite and fund; acceptable investment return metrics are often not reached until after traditional investment hold periods, and TOD’s often require significant public investment and strong goal oriented Public/Private Partnerships to bridge the initial “performance gap” and carry them to the point of acceptable returns.

Mixed-Use Developments –MUD’s
Mixed-use project developments integrate different land uses (building types), such as retail stores, restaurants, residences, civic buildings, offices, recreational amenities, and parks within a defined area – typically a single land parcel. The varied and satisfying urban experience of mixed-use developments benefits end-users. Mixed use typically features: housing, retail centers, office buildings, lodging, churches, and/or industrial facilities. The program for housing development often includes both for-sale and for-rent residential with pricing and amenities that appeal to a variety of market segments. Mixed-use developments also have uniquely complicated traffic, shared vs. dedicated parking (for some uses), and activity periods that change throughout the day and week.

Redevelopment plans are locally created to help communities implement a revitalization effort for its downtown, neighborhood or industrial areas. Redevelopment plans have helped communities to: 
    • Attract new jobs and businesses; 
    • Create more affordable housing; 
    • Stimulate private reinvestment in local neighborhoods and businesses; 
    • Stimulate development of downtown improvement programs; 
    • Stimulate private investment and help rehabilitate homes and businesses; 
    • Build or improve roads, utilities and public facilities; 
    • Revitalize waterfronts and surplus military bases; and
    • Transform hazardous waste sites (brownfields) into productive uses.

Development Team Management
Market Research and Research
Market Studies
Highest and Best Use Studies
Selection of Architect and Development Team Members
Product Design
Product Segmentation
Entitlement and Permitting
Public Process
Consumer research
Formulation of Resident Programs
Focus groups
Project naming
Branding and identity strategy
Strategic marketing consultants
Comprehensive marketing and sales strategies
Project Management
Selection of contractors
Entitlement and Permitting
Infrastructure improvements
Building improvements
Project Accounting
Budget tracking
Revenue collection

Financial Services
Feasibility Analysis
Preparation of Financial Analysis
Development of Project Budgets
Project Financing Recommendations
Investment Analysis
Investor Business Plans

Site Selection
Site selection and Acquisition
Due Diligence and Analysis
Feasibility Analysis
Negotiation Support
Highest and Best Use Studies



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