Founded by award-winning home builder and master planner Rudy Kadlub, Costa Pacific has been at the forefront of innovative residential and mixed-use developments in the Pacific Northwest for the past three decades.


Our Mission:

The mission of Costa Pacific Communities is to create Complete Communities while building a strong company that:

  • Has a great reputation for quality and integrity

  • Is financially strong

  • Is responsive to community needs and desires

Costa Pacific Communities builds long-term value for the Community, the Company, and our partners and investors. 

Most importantly of all, we create better places for people to live, grow in every way, work, play and learn – both externally in the product we provide to communities, and internally, in our company environment.


We do this by:

Designing communities that add value to the region
Our planning process considers all regional attributes that might influence the design of the master plan rather than just looking at a site in isolation. Can the site tie into a regional trail system? How does the property contribute to regional transportation solutions? Can the community's recreation facilities serve as a community center? These questions and many others form the basis for a dialogue about how the development can serve the larger community as a significant asset.

Building communities that respond to the market
Every master plan decision is backed up by excellent/extensive market research.

Involving citizens in community based planning
Engaging the citizens of the existing community is critical in today's political environment. Prior to committing any design to paper we invite all the area residents to sit with us and discuss their fears and desires. These items are carefully recorded and are regularly visited as the design team does its work.

Forming public/private partnerships
Working with local governments that understand the benefits in forming partnerships is essential. These partnerships bring the government additional tax revenues and much more functional transportation systems. In addition, the trust level developed through successful partnership removes the traditional "us" versus "them" mentality.

Emphasizing transit
Working with the local transit provider to install the highest possible level of public transit reduces reliance on the automobile. This has obvious and well known beneficial effects. Transit stops also help enhance community-gathering places.

Designing communities as a place to work, live, play and learn
Careful attention is paid to providing opportunities to shop at the town center retail, and to work in either the office above the retail or in live-work spaces. Parks, playgrounds, recreation centers and open space is carefully planned to serve all of the residents in cost effective ways.

Encouraging higher density
Compact urban development is a responsible, greener use of land. Higher density residential development can support better transit service and create a better consumer base for increased retail services, both of which increase the desirability of a master planned community. Good architecture can result in higher density that is also pleasant and comfortable to live in.

Planning each new community with a unique set of development tenets
Each community is unique; this difference is honored as the fundamental development tenets are discovered.

We have been recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in design, master planning and marketing, and we are the most awarded builder/developer in the history of Oregon.


Our strengths include:

Horizontal development: 
Master Planning, Entitlements, Land Development and Subdivision, Infrastructure Construction Management, Contractor Hiring/Management/Organization, Urban Infill and Redevelopment Planning, Public/Private Partnerships

Vertical development:
Entitlements, Building Development, Construction Management,


Chief Executive Officer

As chief executive of Costa Pacific Communities, headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, Rudy Kadlub is committed to excellence. He has been recognized nationally for his ability to create trend setting communities and homes of enduring value. Led by Rudy, Costa Pacific has earned more design and marketing awards than any other developer/homebuilder in the Pacific Northwest. The company most recently co-developed Orenco Station, an 1,834 home transit-oriented mixed-use community in Hillsboro that was named Master Planned Community of the year by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in 1999. Costa Pacific is currently master planning and developing Villebois, a European-inspired complete community located in Wilsonville, which will accommodate nearly 2,700 homes, restaurants, shops, schools and services.

Rudy has participated in the real estate industry in a sales and management capacity for the past 27 years. He has been named Builder of the Year twice by the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland (HBAMP), Developer of the Year by the non-profit organization 1000 Friends of Oregon, and received the prestigious Bill Molster Marketing Award from NAHB.

Rudy is a Life Director of the NAHB and a full member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). In addition, he is past chairman of the National Sales and Marketing Council of the NAHB and past president of HBAMP. Rudy is the founder and chairman of the Portland Home Builders' Foundation and the Portland Chapter of HomeAid America. He is also a member of the prestigious Institute of Residential Marketing (MIRM), and has held leadership positions in many business and civic organizations.

Prior to his career in real estate, Rudy was a college football coach with several championship seasons to his credit. He earned a B.A. from the University of California at Davis, a M.A. from the University of Northern Colorado and has completed course work and comprehensive exams for Ed.D. in Psychological Kinesiology.

Rudy and his wife Ann reside in Lake Oswego, OR. They have five children, ages 21 through 34.

Professional/Community Involvement

  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Life Director
  • Home Builders Association of Metro Portland, Past President
  • NAHB Sales and Marketing Council, Past Chair
  • Institute of Residential Marketing (MIRM), Member
  • Urban Land Institute, Neighborhood Development Council
  • Home Builders Foundation of Metropolitan Portland, Chairman
  • Congress for the New Urbanism, Member